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Hey guys, I'm sorry for the sudden disappearance. I'm kinda shocked that I've actually had people concerned about me and the sudden departure.

Anyway, I wanted to give an explanation for the dropping of commissions as well as an update on things in general.

First up the explanation:

The reason for dropping was mainly focused around time. My job has work schedule bidding based on seniority and being one of the newest hires puts me down at the bottom of the list. While I was on job probation I could choose my schedule, which allowed me to have 3 day weekends. While a far cry from working on plushes full time, it allowed me to finish off at least one commission plus another plush for myself. Beginning of that year that changed once I got off probation, at that point I was at the wrath of the system and lost 3 day weekends. If I were a more dedicated and disciplined plush maker I could probably use the extra 2 hours I gained during weekdays and put that toward plushing to keep the same amount of work as before, but I am lazy as hell before and after work and thus choose to do nothing.

Sadly this means I probably will not be opening commissions again until I am senior enough to get the better schedule. If I did reopen, commissions would be run very differently than before as I would be doing away with any lists.

As for why I haven't been around? Quite simply, I just didn't want to be reminded of quitting by sticking around. I've always had this nagging feeling that every time I do a hobby I seem to stop just as I'm getting good, so simply burying my head in the sand felt better I guess.

With that out of the way, updates:
First up, I'm gonna try to do monthly updates with a little WIP stuff. (stealing ideas once again from someone ;)) I am still alive and plushing even if my progress has pretty much come to a stand still.

Mid February I spent a few days over at :iconqtpony:'s place. We tried making a Dash in that limited time frame, but sadly despite a really good start were unable to finish. She just has her mane left to go, and should be finished in the next month or so I imagine. QT is probably going to be finishing her unless issues come up in which case I'll take her and finish.

In addition to the Dash, I've been working on a personal plush that I had hoped to make relatively quickly with some left over materials I had... however it seems quickly is a matter of months rather than weeks like I had hoped. Shes "almost" done but still needs a tail, and possibly a new head. I'm actually too embarrassed to show any pics of her right now because of how bad the head came out. Honestly may not even post her here if I can't get her to look somewhat decent. :C

And in other news, I have started the process of purchasing a house! I'll be moving next month because of it. Gonna have a MASSIVE work space for plushing and other hobbies... once I have the basement finished! Until then I'm probably gonna setup in one of the bedrooms so I can keep working. Plan on getting some nice tables and decking the place out for a proper sewing room.


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